Exploring San Luis Obispo

Following the decision to expand Smart72 services to San Luis Obispo known as SLO, we determined to present you the best things to do in this wonderful place of California.

San Luis Obispo is located in the state of California just between Los Angeles and San Francisco. With incredible attractions that rangefrom hiking spots to historic museums, you will not be bored in this city!

One of the most prominent features of this city is Black Hill. The hill is called, “black” because of a tar seep on the north side of the hill. As a part of the Morro Bay State Park, this hill is the second to last in a series of volcanic plugs with rock that is 20 million years old and towers a mighty 663 feet. Black Hill is accessible by trail on its west side, which leads hikers all the way to the top. During the day, the road to the trail is open. Along the way to the top, hikers can see that many of the trees are rotted or beginning to do so due to the Pine Pitch Canker, a fungal disease that is also infecting the Monterey Pine’s native groves.
Black Hill - Morro Bay, San Luis Obispo
Another hill worth visiting in this area is Islay Hill. This hill is considered a volcanic cone and is also a member of the volcanic series in which the Black Hill is a member of. However, Islay Hill is the southernmost of the nine volcanic mountains. (“Nine Sisters”)

Apart from the rolling and beautiful hills, this city is also home to incredible lakes. Soda Lake, the shallow lake located on the southwest side of the northern Carrizo Plain, stretches about twelve kilometers.
Cerro San Luis is a mountain that contributes to the Nine Sister volcanic mountains. Commonly known as, “Madonna Mountain” or “Mission Mountain” this is a widely popular spot for hiking, jogging, mountain biking, and sightseeing.
Soda Lake
Since Madonna was mentioned, it would be improper to discuss San Luis without mentioning Madonna Inn. This international landmark destination is unique with 110 guestrooms with lovely, whimsical décor. Resort amenities include; a relaxing spa, horseback riding, quaint boutiques, a terrace pool complete with its own bar, and award-winning dining rooms. Each guest room and sweet has a specific theme. Some of the most stayed in rooms include; the American Home, China Flower, Crystal Room, Fabulous Fifties, Gypsy Rock, Harvard Square, Imperial Family, Madonna Suite, Old Fashion Honeymoon, and Victorian Gardens. These rooms starting rates are in the $200 range and get as expensive as $700. The décor and attention to detail is worth every cent and will not disappoint. The Madonna Inn Spa is staffed with licensed massage therapists and estheticians who are dedicated to providing an incredible spa experience. Services include massages, facials, scalp and foot treatments, and much more. The most popular massage that guests enjoy is the Madonna Signature Massage.

The San Luis Botanical Garden will make any afternoon lovely. This mission of this garden is to preserve the connection between humans and nature. The Botanical Garden is located near the Pacific Ocean on the Central Coast of California. The garden will soon be 150 acres and will be the only of its kind in the United States as it is primarily focused to devoting all of its efforts to the ecosystems and plants of the Mediterranean climate regions of the world. The plan that is under way to add on to the garden is to include 50 miles of paved trails featuring restaurants and cafes with Mediterranean cuisine. The staff of the garden also wants to include a 3,000-seat amphitheater, gardens for; demonstration, events, meditation, art, and much more. They also plan to provide transportation throughout the garden to help guests easily access the inspiring views it has to offer. Currently, the garden consists of exquisite plant life of the five major Mediterranean climate zones. The garden is equipped with a greenhouse and nursery which helps the plants to continue to grow. Admission is free and visitors are encouraged!
Botanical Garden
Mission San Luis Obispo de Tolosa is a Spanish mission that was founded in 1772. The mission is erected with beautiful architecture and is quite the sight to stop by and view for a short while. The museum inside the mission is open for visitors as well as school children to learn more about the mission in general.

All aboard! The San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum which showcases the railroad history of California is certainly a crowd pleaser! With displays and artifacts about Surf, Santa Maria Valley, Orchard Express, Union Pacific, and much more, this museum offers everything and anything one could possibly want to know about the railroad. During a visit at the museum, there is the perfect opportunity to check up on the progress of the Central Coast Model Railroad. The museum will also include a 1200 square foot model railroad. This will portray an accurate demonstration of the railroad’s significance on the past economy.
Railroad Museum
The largest, strangest, and most popular tourist attraction in this city is Bubblegum Alley. Residing in the heart of downtown, this attraction is known for being surrounded by scenic creek, streets lined with trees, cafes, boutiques, a farmers’ market, and much more. Yet being surrounded by all of these wonderful point of visit, it is still considered the most popular. In order to be considered a valued visitor of San Luis, you must travel to the small, hidden alley which contains this insane tradition known as bubblegum graffiti. Germophobes should beware of this sight as it could leave them with nightmares for the remainder of their trip and bring up unwanted memories of the, “gum under the desk” unfortunate elementary school experience. These 15-foot- high walls are decorated with various globs of chewed and spit out gum in a multitude colors. As the wall was established in the 1970’s, it is insane to imagine just how many pieces of gum have been stuck to this wall and how many strangers have passively swapped spit via this wall of bubblegum.

If you are truly looking to leave your mark in San Luis, this is the way to do so. Call us for free inspection for HVAC service in SLO. Smart72 also provides heating and cooling services in Salinas, heating repair in Paso Robles, and AC repair in Santa Barbara.

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