Far more advanced than a stand-alone thermostat, we have a solution for you that makes managing your energy use easy. Fully connected with the rest of your home, it’s a smarter, simpler way to save money and be comfortably happy.

Save Money and Energy

The ability to turn off your lights and to adjust your thermostat automatically from anywhere gives you powerful control over the efficiencies in your home. Your location can automatically adjust your thermostat to save energy when you’re out, and to make it comfortable again before you get back. And instant eligibility for programs with rewards like cash back or rate reduction offered by PG&E is a big plus!

Be in the Know

Your ability to stay connected to your smart home provides much more than the ability to lock and unlock your doors from anywhere. You can get real time text or image alerts letting you know the instant something happens while you’re out. These alerts are fully customizable and can be controlled according to device, time or day. They can also be easily turned on and off anytime.

System Smarts

The system learns your patterns and makes a personal recommendation for optimal energy performance. You’ll be able to see where you’re consuming the most energy, allowing you to make adjustments that have real impact. You can then track the energy use and cost results to ensure progress. In the process, you’ll learn not only how much energy you use, but also which devices in your home cost you the most money to run.

In this package


  • 24/7/365 Security Monitoring
  • smart72 Live 2-Way Communication
  • Lighting Control
  • Extreme Temperature Monitoring
  • Non-Emergency Alerts
  • Superior Smart Society Membership Rewards – $16/mo up to $5000
  • 10% Off 24/7/365 Emergency Heating, Cooling and Electrical Response Fee
  • Mobile App and Web Access
  • Temperature Control
  • Fire and Smoke Monitoring
  • Annual Heating and Cooling Efficiency Tune-Up
  • Annual Electrical Efficiency and Safety Check
  • 10% Off Repairs
  • 5% Off Replacements


  • 1 Touchscreen Panel
  • 1 Smart Thermostat
  • 1 Small Appliance Control
  • 3 Door/Window Sensors
  • 1 Motion Detector
  • 1 Smoke Detector
  • 1 Key Remote
  • 1 smart72 Yard Sign

Starting at $72/mo.

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