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Phyllis S. | Atascadero, CA

Dennis’ Testimonial

Penny’s Testimonial

Thanks to smart72, my house went from poorly maintained to a showcase, energy-efficient home in just three short weeks.

The Sunlight at the End of the Tunnel

My husband and I bought this house in 1991. We started raising our grandchildren together in 1995. He passed away in 2005. That year I found myself in my 50’s as a single parent with two little kids in this big house living on a pension.

The first leak in the roof appeared in ’08. A small contractor did a patch job. The second leak appeared in 2013, and this one required us to put a bucket under it, and left a hole in the ceiling. The third one was on the converted front porch area.

I tried to sell the house “as is” but discovered that one can’t do that with a leaky roof. I had 3 different roofing contractors come out and give me a proposal. They were all way out of my reach financially. I’m a widow, retired, living on a pension, no savings and raising teenagers, at this point.

I refinanced the house and when the appraiser came out we did a little ceiling repair and hoped she wouldn’t notice. I was resigned to living here with a leaky roof and bought the biggest blue tarp Home Depot sells and put it on the roof anchored with sandbags. I was so sad to be living like that, but I could not see any other way. This went on for 2 years.

This spring I got a call from smart72 scheduling my yearly air conditioner maintenance. To my knowledge I had never done business with smart72 and was rather surprised that they were coming to check my air conditioner. I’d bought my air conditioner from a different company. However I was in smart72 database from a service call 4 years back. I agreed to let them come and maintain the A/C.

Jeff Lemoine from smart72 came out for that purpose that Friday and the first thing he said to me was “I notice you have a tarp on your roof. Have you ever heard of the PACE program? Or California First?”

Jeff gave me the literature on these programs and scheduled an appointment to come back and talk to me about the roof and solar. I believe this visit was Divine Providence sending me a way to fix the roof and upgrade the house.

Meanwhile, I researched. I’d had no idea solar panels were going to add value to my home (I knew a new roof would).

Things started making sense.

Realizing There Is Hope

When Jeff came to present the California First program it seemed too good to be true. I’d like to say that while Jeff was visiting me I complained to him about my air conditioning thermostat in the house and how I found it too difficult to operate. He went out to his Smart 72 truck and came back and installed a new thermostat control system in my house that is very easy to operate, at no charge.

Now I was convinced that there was higher power at work to take care of my roof and make my home energy-efficient. I asked a knowledgeable gentleman friend of mine to come and listen to the whole presentation when it was time to sign the dotted line. He found no flaw in the plan.

I was so happy to learn that Energy Efficiency could include replacing my uncooperative old windows with energy-efficient ones. My windows were a mess but compared to the roof, I just quietly lived with them and hoped a home inspector would not notice them when it came time to sell the house.

When I looked at my yearly electricity use, I was amazed to see how much I was spending on electricity and became invested in getting “off the grid” without leasing panels. I was excited to get solar panels put up.

Jeff showed me the tax benefits in upgrading my home with the solar panels, the new roof and the energy-efficient windows through California First. Just to be sure, I consulted with my tax man and he told me everything presented to me was factual.

I signed up.

A Bright New Day

The work began just a few days after I signed up. The roofing company, the solar installers, the window replacement company and the Rain Gutter People we’re all outstanding. It took only three weeks to complete the entire project. I had the pleasure of observing these workers and their ethics during that time. I got to know them. As a person who in my working life was a supervisor and in charge of hiring people and evaluating their work, I watched them and found them to be without shortcomings


We all know that the little things in life are important. Each of these workers were respectful, courteous and caring about the work they were doing and how they left the job site every night. They used a blower to remove any evidence of the construction work from around the house, on the sidewalks in the driveway. They carefully removed things like wind chimes, bird feeders, curtains and then replaced them when they were done.

Thanks to smart72, my house went from poorly maintained to a showcase, energy-efficient home in just three short weeks.

During the construction, the solar installers, the supervisors from the roofing company, and the window replacement people all checked in with me to make sure that I was satisfied. They worked around my schedule when necessary. They also were kind to my 5-pound chihuahua who was overwhelmed by the noise and the work activity. They took the time to become friends with her. One day the owner and a manager from smart72 came by and brought In-N-Out burgers to their workers. So nice.

I’m going to add that I felt safe leaving my home unlocked to grant them access to the attic while I was out of the house.

I had frequent email interactions with Dave the Assistant General Manager from smart72, and all in all it just felt like a family adventure.

My house looks beautiful. My windows are terrific, and keep the heat out. With my new roof… let it rain! I never thought I would be happy to pay a utility bill. Now when I have visitors they comment on how great the place looks! I could not be any happier.

I am certain God used smart72 to put me in a much better situation.

I highly recommend California First, a much-needed service to help people who need a new roof and a way to cut energy bills. It’s clear smart72 uses the best contractors, and is a stellar company.

I’m sold.


For more information on how you too can save significantly on your utility bills and make energy-efficient upgrades call 844.700.7272

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