Smart Society membership provides continual coverage and comfort for you and your family 24/7/365. As we know every household is unique, and wasting money is never smart, we offer three customized packages that cost less per month than one night out. Members are afforded many benefits that further the value of each package, here are a few:

  • Ordinary wear and tear of equipment is covered 100%.
  • No trip fees (a savings of up to $80 per).
  • Save 20% on your homeowners insurance.
  • No fee to move (within our service area), latest package upgrade included.
  • Superior Energy Management members experience a savings of $25/month.
  • Both Superior and Genius members earn smart cash to use toward future home upgrades and repairs.

Joining is easy, just give us a call to make an appointment!

Call now for more information! (831) 296-2807