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At smart72, our aim is to ensure that your air conditioning serves you efficiently at every point in time. We specialize in providing excellent and prompt residential and commercial AC repair services to homeowners and businesses all over Paso Robles, California and nearby communities.

What’s more, we offer highly professional and well-detailed repair services. We are always ready to dedicate every available resource at our disposal including manpower and technical expertise to fix the issue with your air conditioner. Within a short period, you can count on our experts to get your air conditioning system back to optimal performance.

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A slight breakdown in your air conditioning system can make your home uncomfortable to live in. Especially during the hot summer afternoons, everywhere becomes hot and unbearable. Hence, the moment you notice that the air conditioning system in your Paso Robles home or office is broken, blowing hot air, or not working at all, simply call on a reputable contractor fix it. Smart72 is the ideal contractor to help you out.

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Why You Should Repair Your Faulty Air Conditioning Unit

A broken or malfunctioning cooling unit will not cool your living space efficiently. Some of the reasons why you should repair faulty air conditioning units include:

Reduce Energy Cost: A damaged cooling unit consumes more energy when cooling your home. At the end of the month, there will be an exponential hike in your energy cost. However, by repairing or replacing your cooling unit, you can save on energy cost.

Tax Credits and Incentives: Keeping your cooling unit working at every point in time also comes with added incentives. If you have superior quality AC unit in your home that is working at optimum performance, you can apply for a tax credit or incentive programs.

Improved Indoor Air Quality: A broken air conditioner may not be able to regulate the temperature in your home or control the air. If care is not taken, your home will be filled with dust and poor air. With professional air conditioning repairs, you can improve the indoor air quality. Your home will be filled with cleaner, fresher air.

Quieter Operation: A broken air conditioner often makes loud noises. Once this is fixed, your home will go back to its quiet and comfortable state.

Why Choose Us for Your Air Conditioner Repairs in Paso Robles?

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Allow a reputable HVAC contractor like Smart72 to handle all your air your minor and major AC issues. Our dedication and high level of professionalism make us the preferred air conditioner repair contractor in Paso Robles. Some of the reasons why you should choose us for your AC repairs include:

Excellent and Prompt Services

At Smart72, we understand how important it is to have cool air in your home. Our heating and cooling experts will check out the issue with your cooling unit and provide an adequate fix. We are always ready to work with you round the clock to provide a fast, effective, and long lasting solution to your recurring air conditioning issues.

Professional Expertise

At Smart72, we work with a team of well-experienced, certified and licensed AC repair experts and technicians. Every member of our professional crew has been put through in-depth training on how to repair broken or faulty air conditioners. Our expert will use their skill, knowledge, years of experience, coupled with state-of-the-art equipment and sophisticated techniques to fix your air conditioner.

We can repair various AC issues such as a broken thermostat, clogged filters, leaky ducts, and blocked vents. We will clean dirty condenser coils and fix refrigerant leaks. Even if you have old air conditioning systems, we can help replace them.

High-Quality Products and Accessories

In addition, we do not compromise on our integrity. We will only make use of high-quality product and accessories to replace the damaged part of your air conditioner. With this, you can be assured that your air conditioning unit will serve you for an extended period.

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Is the air conditioner in your Paso Robles home damaged? A broken AC can make your home hot and uncomfortable. Contact us today at Smart72 to help fix your faulty cooling unit. Our air conditioner repair services the San Luis Obispo County are very affordable and can be tailored to your budget and needs. Our experts will be available to offer a fast and effective solution. We guarantee you excellent services that give 100% customer satisfaction.