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The defrost cycle of a heat pump is its way of trying to operate efficiently during cooler months. A defrost control tells the reversing valve when to send hot refrigerant outdoors to thaw the outdoor coil during the winter. During the defrost cycle, your auxiliary heat takes over, which reduces the heat pump's overall efficiency by up to 10 percent. The two most common types of defrost controls are time-temperature and demand-defrost.… Read more
In Counties like Contra Costa, San Luis Obispo and Santa Barbara many uses  furnace to make their home to their liking. In order to do that they make sure that their furnace is in perfect condition . However, repair maintenance and technicians can cost a lot. So why not do it your self?Here's 5 easy steps to repair furnaces. Step #1: Check Your Furnace Air Filter and Replace  Maintaining a clean furnace air filter…Read more
When selecting an air-source heat pump, consider the following three characteristics carefully: the energy efficiency rating, sizing, and the system's components. Energy Efficiency Ratings In the United States, we rate a heat pump's energy efficiency by how many British thermal units (Btu) of heat it moves for each watt-hour of electrical energy it consumes. Every residential heat pump sold in this country has an EnergyGuide Label, which features the heat…Read more
Is Your Heater Blowing Cold Air? Here's Why. Are you turning on your heater before bed and waking up in the middle of the night to ice cold air coming through the vents? You may think that a heater blowing…Read more
Why Do I Need a Heater Tune-Up or Maintenance? We've all dealt with the internal struggle of a cold house- that moment when you have to make a decision between either flipping on the heater or committing to wearing those…Read more