Why It’s a Good Idea to Replace Your Heater and Air Conditioner at the Same Time

Why It’s a Good Idea to Replace Your Heater and Air Conditioner at the Same Time

Are you considering replacing your furnace and air conditioner at the same time? Most people do.

Replacing your air conditioner and furnace at the same time (even if one system is still working) is convenient and saves you time and money. Not only that but most people like to by combine superior components that are new and made to work seamlessly together, so they can create a more efficient ideal system for themselves and their family.

Let’s dive in deeper to take a look at why replacing both your heater and air conditioner at the same time is the smart choice.


Your air conditioning and furnace share the same air handler/blower.

A split air conditioner is composed of two main units:
• Outdoor cabinet, containing condenser coil (1) and compressor (2)
• Indoor cabinet, containing the evaporator coil (3) and air handler/blower (4)

Because your indoor unit and furnace share the same air handler/blower, you can’t separate them. You must replace the furnace to also replace the inside air conditioner unit.

So if you say you want to replace your air conditioner but not the furnace, that means you can only replace the outdoor unit while leaving the indoor unit in place.

Doing this creates some costly problems.

Problems with mismatched systems

Decreased lifespan– According to the Air Conditioning, Heating and Refrigeration Institute (AHRI), “When improperly matched, the efficiency and longevity of these systems are significantly compromised.”
Lower efficiency– Imagine putting a donkey and a horse on the same yoke to pull a wagon. The horse wants to speed ahead while the donkey slowly lags behind, causing the cart to slow down. That’s what it’s like to have a new energy efficient outdoor unit but still have an old inefficient inside unit. Even if your new outdoor unit is 18 SEER, the old unit (probably an 8-10 SEER unit) causes the system to lag behind, keeping your energy bills just as high as they were before.
Premature breakdowns– Mismatch units create undue stress on your air conditioner, resulting in an unnecessary, costly breakdown during the worst time of year.
Possibility of no warranty– Many manufacturers know the problems associated with mismatched systems, so they often won’t offer a warranty for a condenser coil (outside unit) only replacement.

Minimize installation costs

You also need to think about how much you’ll pay on installation, which strongly affects how much you pay for a new system.

So replacing the outside unit, waiting a few years, and then having a contractor come out later to install the furnace and inside air conditioner unit can be very pricey.

Therefore, replacing the furnace and air conditioner at the same time will help minimize installation costs.

If you want to install any new gas appliances, now could be a good time as well. Make sure they are gas safe.

Get a free estimate

It is strongly suggested to get a matched system to maximize your system’s efficiency, reduce your energy bills and extend the life of your new system.

Different houses have different needs. You can choose from many components to create the right matched system for you. Depending on your region, a matched system can be composed of the following: an air conditioner and furnace, a heat pump and furnace, a heat pump and air handler, an air conditioner and air handler, or an all-in-one “packaged” system.

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Did you know? On average, a modern furnace will last 15 – 20 years; a central air conditioning system will last 12 – 15 years, depending on the quality and efficiency of the equipment.