Which is Best for You? Heat Pumps or Furnaces

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In San Luis Obispo and Contra Costa county, the residents commonly use two ways to provide heat on their homes– furnaces and heat pumps.

There is big confusion on these two specially on identifying which unit is best for your home. But the big thing is, it depends on what unit you want to have at home.

In this blog post, we will tackle the pros and cons of these two different heating units.

heat pump Contra Costa County CA | smart72Heat Pumps:

Heat pumps is the reverse of air conditioners as they provide heat to your home. This device moves the heat from

During summer, your heat pumps move heat from the inside and deposit the heat outside. While on the winter season, the heat outside is move to your home and to provide your family a heat during the cold season.

Pros of Heat Pumps:

  • All year round works efficiently. Less maintenance. This works for your heating and cooling needs while investing at one unit only.
  • Heat pumps are nature friendly, as it produces one and a half to three times more heat.

Cons of Heat pumps:

  • This is commonly pricey than furnaces but you got a cooling and heating on a one unit.
  • Heat pumps may require a backup heat source. For intensely cold nights in San Luis Obispo, Contra Costa, and Santa Barbara, auxiliary or additional heat (furnaces are great) will be needed.

furnace repair company Contra Costa County CA | smart72Gas Furnaces:

The common heating units in Pittsburg, Antioch and Brentwood CA homes is a gas furnaces.

These create heat by burning natural gas and the produced heat is spread into your home.

Pros of Gas Furnaces:

  • Low price than heat pumps. But you need buy air conditioning unit during the summer season.
  • Furnaces are energy proficient. Commonly, gas furnaces rated up to 97% AFUE, which means they convert 97% of the gas on the tank into heat for your home.

Cons of Gas Furnaces:

  • Gas is less pricey much than electricity, so new furnaces save you from high bills.
  • Furnaces is your primary heat provider even on the coldest nights, it doesn’t need other heat source.

Which one is right for you?

In deciding which of these two heating units – heat pumps or furnaces, that will best for your home, weigh the pros and cons on this blog.

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