Top Three Solar Panel Myths Busted

Top Three Solar Panel Myths Busted

There are so many questions households in San Luis Obispo have to ask when it comes to residential solar panels. These questions are usually about the cost, efficiency, and suitability of solar panels for their homes. The advantages of going green are so numerous. If a particular building receives enough sunlight, there shouldn’t be any reason why solar energy should be lacking in such household specially if you are looking for some solar assisted solar air conditioner.

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For several years, smart72 has been helping residents on the Central Coast to figure out if solar panels will be perfect for their homes and also helping them to get it installed. Even as many are embracing solar and going off the grid, there are still some myths about the panels that we need to bust. This is other things you didn’t know about solar energy. Here are three such myths:

Myth 1: Solar Panels Are Too Expensive To Be Worth the Investment

Contrary to what most people think, purchasing and installing solar panels in the Central Valley CA will make more economic sense than sticking to the national grid. The cost of purchase and installation are not often as high as many will make you to believe and when the system is well-designed, it can generate a consistent rate of return on investment in the region of 10 – 15% per annum.

Utility costs are bound to rise but you wouldn’t have to worry about that when your solar panels are installed. There are equally some government programs that subsidize and offer tax rebates to homeowners that use solar panels in SLO County.

Myth 2: Solar Panel Can’t Work In Cold Weather

Air Conditioning Repair San Luis Obispo California

This misconception is quite common. Many assume that since solar panels derive their energy from solar radiation they will not work once the weather is cold. This is not the truth, however. Most solar panels installed by smart72 for the residents of San Luis Obispo County are engineered to work for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and 365 days in a year. They are normally installed outdoors and once exposed to 8 -12 hours of sunlight will work efficiently. The outdoor weather condition do not have serious consequences on the efficiency though it may be affected a little during the winter due to shorter days and longer nights.

Myth 3: Solar Panels Require Constant and Costly Maintenance

This may sound quite different from what you have heard from some people, solar panels actually require little to no maintenance. They do not have moving parts that may become damaged due to exposure to weather elements. This also means that maintaining them will be quite easy and straightforward. It may just be a case of cleaning them to ensure that their access to sunlight is not being blocked by debris. The maintenance cost is also negligible.

These common myths have prevented some individuals in SLO from enjoying the benefits of solar energy. Do not let them stop you. Contact smart72 to help you get off the grid and enjoy the benefits of going green. Our solar panel installation services are affordable and can be tailored to your budget and needs. We guarantee you excellent services.