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Solar Assisted Air ConditionerSolar-assisted air conditioning is becoming more popular by the year in California. As renewable energy as a source is on the rise, it also makes sense to use sun as power when it is at its hottest.

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What Is Solar Assisted Air Conditioning?

Solar-assisted air conditioner systems are available in both packaged and split system configurations. Can a solar-assisted air conditioner save you money? The answer is, probably — over the long-term. Knowing if you should invest in solar-powered AC units is dependent on a variety of factors, including the geolocation of your home, and how long you plan on staying.

FAQ’s about Solar Assisted Air Conditioning

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What can I expect on cloudy days?
Efficient, low maintenance evacuated tube collectors produce thermal energy, even on cloudy days.

Does solar assisted air conditioning technology qualify for tax credits/rebates?
Yes. To check for current tax and rebate incentives, read here.

What is the life expectancy of a solar AC system? 
The median life expectancy of the most solar assisted AC systems is 15 years.

What type of scheduled maintenance is involved with a solar powered A/C unit?
It is suggested that the solar collectors be washed off with water periodically. The mechanical portion of the system should have routine maintenance performed bi-annually.

Can the solar collectors for the solar AC be used for any heating applications?
Yes, when configured as a heat pump system, the unit will provide additional heat in the winter.

Solar AC Savings Chart

What cost benefit does upgrading to a better rated SEER unit provide?

Measuring the efficiency of your current system can be done by finding the SEER rating or (seasonal energy efficiency ratio) rating usually labeled on your compressor or in a reference guide. If your existing A/C Unit is at a “7” SEER Rating and you upgrade to a “16” SEER rated unit, your savings per month would be approximately 69% with the SolarCool System.

We now offer the SolarCool Solar Thermal Air Conditioner. This system combines a state-of-the-art high-efficiency 2-stage air conditioning system integrated with a Proprietary Solar Thermal Collector Panel. This is the most energy-efficient Air Conditioning System available today!

The key element is the integrated Solar Thermal Collector super heating the air conditioning system’s refrigerant, which in turn reduces the required work load of the compressor. This then lowers the overall power consumption of the system, saving the environment, energy and money.

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