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How Pest Control Experts Keep Pests Out of Your HVAC System

A home is a place you should enjoy your privacy comfortably. It’s your palace, and no one is allowed to cause rude interruptions unless they are invited to live with you.

However, pests are not aware of the rules and cannot respect your privacy. If only it were possible to create a barrier or military agents to prevent pests from getting into your home. For now, there is nothing that can stop pests such as raccoons, cockroaches, and mice to come and live in your home any time without an invitation or prior notification about their extended stay visit. They feel at home in your house despite having their homes outside.

Your heating, ventilation and condition system cannot go unaffected by pests once they land into your house. It attracts, and you will see them crawling in the HVAC system. The moment you notice the creepy pests, you should look for a solution to eliminate them.

Pests already in your HVAC

Different reasons make your HVAC the most attractive point for your pests. One of them is your system being in bad condition, which means it has openings that allow pests to find their way into the HVAC.

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As pest try to find a comfortable home in your HVAC, there is a high possibility they will damage it. The damage can be costly, but above all, they pose a health danger. The duct attracts rodents and reptiles because it keeps them cool during summer and warm in the winter season.

The pests find their way into the HVAC when it is off, but if you turn it on; they get killed by the wires or the motor. The rats and mice get attracted by the electrical wiring because of the feast on it.

What happens to your HVAC after pest invasion?

They are likely to damage your HVAC system and stop it from functioning efficiently. The worst thing is how they pollute your home’s air by being in the order. Their droppings can leave a lasting odor problem. It is also possible to have carcasses that can spread all over your house.

Trying to remove the pests from your HVAC is difficult, and the smell can cause your irritation to your throat, eyes, and nose. The pesticides are also a danger to your health and should not be inhaled. Some of them can affect the liver or kidneys causing a lot of health complications.

The pests are like to trigger allergies once they invade your HVAC system and pollute your home’s air. The dander pollutes the air and can aggravate respiratory conditions such as asthma. They can also block the flue and prevent poisonous gases from leaving your home.

The pests in the HVAC pose a danger to your children and neighbors; if there are wasps or hornets, they can sting. Rodents and reptiles are likely to leave the nest and bite people living in the house.

You should not allow rodents to feel at home in your house, call a professional fumigation team to remove them.

How to keep your HVAC pest free

There are several steps that you can take to prevent pests from invading your HVAC. As the saying goes prevention is better than cure, take steps to keep your HVAC system pest-free as follows:

Seal the ducts

Ducts are the most accessible entries used by pests. They enter through cracks and lose seals, but you can use the foil duct to seal cracks and a sealant for the big holes. But, you can also give the work to a professional.

Install flue and vent covers

Cover the screens and flue to prevent pests from finding a home in the pipes. The exterior flues are frequent victims, and small animals can easily shake them lose. To avoid that use a wire mesh that can deter small insects, rodents and reptiles.

Keep your HVAC clean

If the area around your HVAC is clean, it will not attract pests. Clear vegetations and other garbage the HVAC system and clean with mild soap and water. But, make sure, no one is left standing nearby.

Change the filters as often as possible

Changing the filters regularly will keep pests away. You can also use a chemical free spray around the system to prevent pests from coming close to the HVAC

Your HVAC should be checked by a professional technician regularly to help you know when there are unwanted visitors to the system.

It is not unusual to find pests in the HVAC, but you should everything possible to keep them away.