We are energetic entrepreneurs, dedicated to providing customized smart home services that protect you and your family. While the smart72 model is new, the history of our company goes back more than 35 years. Using this focused experience as a cornerstone, we have framed a menu of progressive services that we haven’t seen offered under one roof anywhere. Our intent is to help you take good care of your home, ultimately bringing you and your family peace of mind. We are local, our family lives, works, dreams, shops, plays, and goes to school here, just like yours. We treat our Central Coast community as a precious commodity – never taking it for granted – always doing what we can to sustainably support this precious place and the lifestyle that it affords us all.

smart72 Mission Statement


Our aim is to provide peace of mind through state-of-the-art technologies, with a focus on building long-term relationships with our clients. We will be the go-to trusted resource and partner in every aspect of home safety, efficiency, and automation.


We build groups of intelligent team-minded individuals who take command of their work and provide timely solutions to immediate problems. Each team member has a strong sense of ownership and an intense work ethic – always doing what needs to get done, whether or not it’s in his/her job description. The entire team values learning over knowledge – which is why even though most everything we’re doing is new, we’re doing it anyway.


Consistently treating the client with respect, and providing the utmost level of service, is more important than any product we offer. Our goal is to share information and educate, while collectively choosing the perfect solution for every client.

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