5 Easy Steps To Repair your Furnace
4 Feb, 2020

A dirty filter causes these problems:

  • Reduces volume of hot air blown out– less blow out your vents, discomfort you and your family.
  • Furnace shuts down–overheats heat exchange then automatically shuts down.

Dirty air filters causes soot to build up in the heat exchanger, furnace  run inefficiently and reduce it’s life span. Check the air filter every one to three months and change it if it’s dirty.

Caution: Make sure that  your furnace is off (found on the furnace) and before changing the air filter shut down the  thermostat.

Step #2: Check your thermostat

Your furnace maybe in good condition. Your thermostat, the control centre of your heating system, may be the perpetrator,

Do these simple steps to check the cause of the problem:

  • Change your thermostat to “heat” instead of “cool.” (You never know who have been playing around with it and set it to cool.)
  • Set your thermostat to 5 degrees above room temperature to see if your furnace comes on.
  • Change  batteries.
  • Open the panel then gently blow out any dust or debris.

Brentwood CA gas furnace repairStep # 3Be certain that the blower motor panel is shut

Sometimes the blower’s panel remained open, they may not have shut the panel properly If it’s not pressed in all the way,  use a safety device to prevent the furnace from running. Be certain that you securely shut furnace blower panel.

Step # 4: Air duct inspection

Your furnace is working. Blower is running, hot air is coming out…in most rooms. But why are  some areas in your home chilly?  Your air ducts.

Inspect the  handles protruding from the ducts. Dampers control the airflow. Check if  they’re fully open (i.e., the handle is parallel with the ductwork).

If some of your rooms are still cold, your ducts can have gaps, cracks or holes in them allowing the hot air to escape. This is what we call leaking ducts. These leaks not only make the room cold, but it

  • High energy bills
  • Sucks up dust into your ducts, poor air quality  contribution in your home

Check where the leaks are in the ducts and seal them with a mastic sealant.

Step # 5Be certain that the gas valve is open

Just like  the blower panel, someone may have turn off the gas valve to do a maintenance and did not turn it back on on. When off, no gas will enter the furnace, so nothing will burn. Simply turn it back on (the handle should be parallel with the gas pipe) ,and you’re good to go. According to Minneapolis Foundation Services , they’ve seen cases of furnaces breaking because their were situated on top of a faulty or deteriorating foundation.

When in doubt, call a professional

Obviously, these simply steps won’t solve all your furnace problems. So, if none of these do the work,best to call a furnace techician for help.

We offer services at this cities and nearby towns: San Luis ObispoPaso Robles, and the entire Central Coast.

If your furnace has a major problem, don’t hesitate to contact smart72 for help.