Solar Guide
10 Pitfalls to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels
29 Sep, 2018

There are eventually numerous advantages to installing solar panels on your residence; we are talking about lowering the cost of your energy bills plus reducing the carbon footprint. However, the choice of installing solar panels should not be rushed since there are lots of factors to contemplate with when dealing with solar panels and taking a research can help you avoid the common mistakes when choosing the right solar panels for your home.

It’s always vital to seek and evaluate all the options granted, don’t just fall for any sales man, do your homework.

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10 Factors to Consider Before Installing Solar Panels at Home


What is the cost of installation?

It’s a devastating revelation that many individuals take solar energy as an expensive investment. Is solar panels installation expensive? Well, it isn’t. Just take for instance you are charged with an electric bill more than $150, wont it be a money saving move if you buy your energy from solar panels with no money down? Yes, move on from the tiresome excessive bills and start using solar electricity.

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 When will you start saving?

Solar panels installation is a huge step in saving money. However, it’s vital to breakdown the actual details and make you understand how solar power savings will start reflecting on your budget. Some of the choices permit savings when the solar system is live, whereas others accompany with an upfront investment and after all deliver massive returns after some time.

There is no risk in saving and genuinely, gaining capital from loan and leases can aid you decrease your electric bill as soon as possible. You can either make a decision on pre-paid solar power purchase agreement or procure the solar panels installation system right away in which to be forthright, you will have an incurred upfront expense but at last you’ll enjoy more savings in the long run.


How much solar power can you expect to receive?

It’s a logic thing that the same solar power system on different located homes will generate different solar power output. This relies on a list of factors such as trees, the angle of roof, surface area of the roof, latitude, temperature and degradation of panels and orientation. So, it’s always vital to look for the best solar power service provider to keep up with all the factors, provide solutions and guarantee you high performance for the solar panels.

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Which type of solar panels are the best?

Indeed, not all solar panels are equally created. There are many manufacturers and to be forthright a one-size-fits-all solar panel system can be devastating as it may not function for all situations.  Small roof surface area is one example of situation you might encounter. Its logic that you won’t be able to fit in numerous larger surface area panels on the limited space, with the right tactical, you can efficiently use the limited space with smaller solar panels for savings benefit.  

A guaranteed Solar Solution uses genuine software HelioQuote™ for roof space access, production of panels, cost and size of panels in order to find you the ultimate panel for any situation. Always ensure that your solar company is gauging many manufacturers to find the ultimate solution for your home. Anyway, most solar providers have special “arrangements” with some manufacturers to ensure that your interests are prioritized.

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Can you get financial assistance? Are you taking advantage of all the federal, state and local rebates and incentives available?

Check the special rebates on top while discussing your financial opinions with your solar power solution provider. However, you can also find a motive to install panels each levels of government – from local to federal. It’s clear that indeed some solar subsidies can be a real help. Of late the federal government inputs a tax credit reaching 30% off the cost of the system. State such as California, its rebate program has been worn out; however, you will find many local rebate programs. In order to check if a local program is available, click here. It is the duty of your solar solutions provider to help you find the maximum rebate.


Who will carry out installation? Are they reliable?

We all know good help is hard to find, mostly when it’s about solar panel installation. With rapid increase in solar energy population, there has been a rise of individuals who claim to know it all. Solar panel is a complex thing and only should a professional experienced solar installer handle it. You can view online reviews at websites like, or to get the suitable installer for your home.


How long will it take to start producing electricity just after signing a contract with a solar energy company? 

It comes into consideration after signing a contract with a solar electric company that you ask yourself when will you throw in the towels of electric bills and start using solar energy. Well, Rome was not built in one day that goes as same as solar installation. Although you should have a clue on when you will begin creating your own electricity so as to start calculate your savings.  Diverse companies have different installation periods, some take around 5 weeks while others up to 6 months. Long period installation would incur large costs while fast installations make you save more.

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What is your roof type? Can the company on your list have experience in those roof types?

We all know that rooftops come in all sizes, shapes and materials but sadly numerous solar power companies only install panels on composite shingles. On the off chance that your rooftop is metallic made, Spanish tiles or customary wood shingles, and then you may have heard a statement saying solar is not fit for you, it won’t work. Assuming this is the case, the solar company who disclosed to you that they couldn’t install on our roof top well, they didn’t get it right neither, panels can be installed on practically any roof type. For instance installing panels on composite shingle is fast while installing on Spanish tile requires distinctive mounting systems and may consume more time.  Learn to take your ample time searching for the best suitable installer with an experience, this way you will reduce the chances of a bad omen during the rainy season and also do not just believe about myths on solar installation.


How much sun exposure does your house get throughout the year?

It’s kind of a myth that some people trust that you should have a south-bound roof to produce efficient amount of solar power. However, east and west roof installation can likewise be viable. Everything relies upon how your panels are placed which ought to be resolved according to your home geographical location and the amount measure of sun penetration it gets consistency during 12 months. Solar installers experts use devices such as Solmetric SunEye to quantify shading patterns and in short time get the measure of an aggregate accessible solar power by day, month and year. As clarified in number 3, ensure that your solar power solution provider guarantees you with required production. [/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

What are the sorts of building licenses do you require?

Soon after consenting to an agreement or before installing the solar panel, just make sure that you absolutely have the correct building licenses. Failure to the correct licenses, you might run into jeopardy of redoing the whole process to meet multiple restrictions. For instance, some few urban areas necessitate that at least have a three-foot leeway on your roof well as others don’t mind you building to the edge. Building licenses are provided at a local level and that’s why they differ from one city to the other. On top of the building issues, you should ensure that your solar panel system is up to the best possible electrical code.

With such a significant number of contemplations, it’s vital to search for a partner whom you can depend on to enable you settle on the correct choice. Just like purchasing a car, a professional solar company in the Central Coast of California vendor will answer the majority of your inquiries and help you at all times.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]